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1700s 4 Pc Colonial Work Dress Apron Shawl Mob Cap Outfit Costume for Teens Adults

1700s 4 Pc Colonial Work Dress Apron Shawl Mob Cap Outfit Costume for Teens Adults

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Did you take your chest & waist measurements?

*You must measure yourself prior to choosing a size**

This 4 piece set includes a work dress, apron, shawl, and mob cap. It would be perfect for any dress-up occasion, cosplay, reenactment, or trip to Williamsburg!

I have made the work dress in a slate blue cotton, but it can be made in any color you choose. The ruffles at the sleeves and neckline are made in a white muslin, as is the apron, shawl, and mob cap. The bodice is self- lined, and the dress has a zipper closure at the back. Both the full skirt and the apron are hemmed by hand, and all exposed seams are finished.

BODY measurements for TEEN/ADULT sizing are as follows (finished lengths are approximate):

Size 4 - Chest: 29 1/2"; Waist: 22"; Hip (9" below waist): 31 1/2" ; Finished length from back of neck: 53 1/4"

Size 6 - Chest: 30 1/2"; Waist: 23"; Hip: 32 1/2"; Finished length: 53 1/2"

Size 8 - Chest: 31 1/2"; Waist: 24"; Hip: 33 1/2"; Finished length: 53 3/4"

Size 10 - Chest: 32 1/2"; Waist: 25"; Hip: 34 1/2"; Finished length: 54"

Size 12 - Chest: 34"; Waist: 26 1/2"; Hip: 36"; Finished length: 54 1/4"

Size 14 - Chest: 36"; Waist: 28"; Hip: 38"; Finished length: 54 1/2"

Size 16 - Chest: 38"; Waist: 30"; Hip: 40"; Finished length: 54 3/4"

Size 18 - Chest: 40"; Waist: 32"; Hip: 42"; Finished length: 55"

Size 20 - Chest: 42"; Waist: 34"; Hip: 44"; Finished length: 55 1/4"

**It is VERY important to measure properly, as retail sizing can be very different from costume sizing. Convo me if you have any questions about measurements or choosing the correct size.

Custom orders will usually be ready to ship within a few days to several weeks, depending on my current workload. Please let me know if you are pressed for time and I will let you know if I can have your costume ready within your time limits.

This costume will ship to you in a USPS Priority Mail box.

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